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UX Design-How to Better Shape Tools that Shape Us

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UX Design:  How to Better Shape Tools that Shape Us by Vasudhara Kantroo


As hackers and makers we continuously strive to change the world around us. We invest in an idea's potential as a product to simplify our lives. Consequently, while consuming the simpler life enabled by these incredible digital products, we inevitably alter our expectations of what is meaningful. 


In this talk, I discuss through illustrative examples and a historical perspective, how the key design objectives of usefulness, usability and desirability have powered what we find engaging in products (specifically on the Internet). And more importantly how, over time, these products have come back to shape our perception of what is useful, usable and desirable. Finally, I'll juxtapose some of these ideas to raise questions that we as hackers, makers and product creators must constantly ask ourselves.




Vasudhara Kantroo is a User Experience Designer with the Platforms group at Yahoo. She is an enthusiastic participant in the culture of hacking and making, while also likes asking questions to understand not just the contexts but also the implications of what makers make. Some of her experience includes optimizing workflows in developer tools, designing robotics for small scale agricultural farms, creating accessibility solutions to cater to the needs of special needs kids.

She has a Masters degree in HCI from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Bachelors in Technology with a focus on Information & Communication Technology from DA-IICT, India. She is a past participant and national level winner of the international student competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup in Software Design (2007).


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