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Presentation Guidelines

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Demo Presentation Guidelines


Demos are your primary opportunity to make an impression on the judges. Here are some hints that will help you catch their attention: 


1) No Powerpoint or other slides allowed! All demos must be of your hack and what it does. We are here to see technology in action :)


2) Practice, practice, practice. 90 seconds is a very short time and you will find that it's easy to say too much. You will not be allowed to demo for more than 90 seconds, so be sure you can show everything you want to show during that time before you go on stage!


3) Immediately after introducing yourself, briefly (10 seconds) tell us about the problem your hack solves and then very quickly jump into the demo and show us the solution you built. You should spend most of the time demonstrating your hack, not explaining the story behind it. 


4) Links load slowly when you are demoing. If you will be clicking on links or buttons during your demo, you might want to have the result of the click pre-loaded on a separate browser tab so you can switch to it immediately instead of wasting precious seconds waiting for the page to load. 


5) If you exceed 90 seconds, you will be cut off and not be allowed to finish your presentation. Practice to make sure you are within the time limit.


We look forward to applauding your work!


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