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How to Register Your Hack

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Register to attend Yahoo Hack USA



Hack Registration 



In order to be able to present your hack during the Demos and be eligible for prizes, you must register your hack on HackTrackr before 12:30pm on Sunday, September 29, 2013. http://hacks.developer.yahoo.com/


Please follow the below process to register your hack. Yahoo will not accept any hacks that are registered after this time. However, you can edit the details afterwards and you may continue hacking until 1:30pm on Sunday. 


1. Before 11:00am on Sunday, you will be given a link to a site where you will register your hack. 


2. Please add all your hack details and click submit. Although you will be assigned a number at this time, it might not be your final number. 


3. Please make sure you also upload a screenshot of your hack.


4. Please make sure you include a link to your source code on GitHub.com. All code must be written during the 24-hour Hacking Period. Please see the Rules section of the community site for details. 


5. Before 12:30pm, please go into your hack on HackTrackr and make sure you click on “Ready to Demo”. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO DEMO.


6. The hacks will be re-numbered right after the registration deadline. You will now be able to see your official Hack Number, which also indicates the order in which you will present. 


7. At 12:45pm, please go back into the HackTrackr to check your new number and memorize it. You will be asked for your Hack Number several times throughout the event.


8. At 12:15pm, the person from your team who will be presenting will need to collect your Hack Number Sign from Anil Patel. You will also need to bring the machine(s) you will be using to demo your hack.


9. After you collect your Hack Number Sign, you will need to test your machine(s) on stage and let us know if you have any special requirements for your demo, such as mobile, audio, etc. 


10. Your team's presenter will be seated near the stage among other presenters in Hack Number order and instructed on when to set up to present.


Questions? Please contact a crew member.


Register to attend Yahoo Hack USA


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