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Answers to all your hack questions


1:  How much time do hackers get to develop their hacks?

A:  The Official Hacking Time is from 1:30pm on Saturday September 28th to 1:30pm on Sunday September 29th. Hacks MUST be registered on by 12:30pm on Sunday the 29th, but you can continue to edit your hack until 1:30pm on Sunday. All coding must be done during this 24-hour period, and any teams found using code written earlier will be disqualified. 


2.  What is hacking?

A:  For newbies to hacking, here is a nice presentation on Hacking 101 by Chris Heilmann, or check out this presentation from one of our previous Hack events: 


Hacking for Innovation - WPP, New York from Saurabh Sahni



3. Is it ok to use non-Yahoo APIs? 

A: Most definitely, but keep in mind that in order to be eligible for grand prizes, you must also use at least one Yahoo! technology in your hack. However, you are welcome to mash up any other technology you want into your hack. There is no limit as to how many technologies you can use. 


5. Do you have any suggestions for those who have never used Yahoo! APIs?

A: Please check out the Yahoo Developer Network page, which has info and links to documentation on all our APIs, as well as some cool resources. Be sure to also have a look at the API Cheat Sheet, which lists examples of how to integrate them into your hack. 


6. Can hackers present a sort of blueprint to a hack without actually having to implement it?

A: No, you will need to show a working demo of your hack on Sunday. 


7. Can hackers form teams amongst themselves ahead of the event, or connect with others looking to form a team?

A: Absolutely! Hacks built by teams are often more successful than those built by individuals, so we highly recommend you use the Join-a-Team page to connect with fellow hackers to form teams even before the event. 


8. Should I be taking care of my own hardware needs, like a laptop? 

A: Yes, you will need to bring your own laptop, and any other equipment you plan to use for your hack. Yahoo will not be providing any laptops during the event. 


9. Will Yahoo be providing accommodations on the Friday and Sunday nights?

A: No, accommodations will not be provided. In the past, many participants have opted to reamin at the venue the full two days to put in as much time a possible perfecting their hacks. Many find space to take naps at the venue throughout the event. Of course, if you prefer to pay for a hotel room, you are free to come and go as you please. 


If you need a hotel, we recommend the following:


Sheraton Sunnyvale
1100 North Mathilda Ave
Sunnyvale, CA  94089
408 745-6000

Hyatt Santa Clara
5101 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA  95054
408 200-1234

Hilton Santa Clara
4949 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA  95054
408 330-0001


10. Are participants required to stay up all night?

A: Not at all. Although some might choose not to sleep, you are welcome to nap to refresh your mind and body. However, Yahoo is unable to provide any hotel accommodations. 


11. Do I need to bring my own food? 

A: No, there will be plenty of meals, snacks and drinks available throughout the event. If you didn't indicate any special dietary needs on your registration, please let us know via apatel@yahoo-inc.com


12. Can I collaborate with another hacker online who might not be present at the event? 

A: If you are seeking help with bugs or issues with your app outside of your team (either at the event or online) then that is totally fine. However, all coding must be done by hackers who are attending in person at Yahoo Hack USA. 


13. Do I have to have a designer on my team? 

A: Not necessarily. There will be a handful of designers attending the event so it is very likely you will be able to find a designer teammate. Additionally, we will also have a few talented staff designers on hand who can help make your hack look great!


14. Can I change my mind after posting an idea?

A: Yes - sometimes hacks take on a life of their own and you discover an even better idea while building. You are not limited to the idea you come up with before the event. However, please note that all hacks must be registered with your final team, hack name, idea description and screenshot by 12:30pm on Sunday, September 29th. 


15. Can I host my hack on my own machine? 

A: Sure. We love when hacks are hosted on the web so the world can see what you've built, but if you prefer to host your hack locally, that's absolutely fine. 


16. My question wasn't answered here. Can you help?

A: Please comment below or email apatel@yahoo-inc.com, and we will find an answer!


Register to attend Yahoo Hack USA




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